Last weekend, Justin and I flew to Boston to visit our good friends Micah and Allie.  It was our first trip back since our move, and I wasn’t sure how Justin and I would feel about being back.  It was bizarre to fly into Boston but not be going home.  Instead, we made our way to the rental car and drove to Arlington.  As we drove, Justin and I reminisced about our first Boston driving experiences and the different events of our time in Boston.

Being there was strange…  I think because I expected to feel more of an emotional connection when we got back.  Justin and I spent seven years in Boston, almost six in Arlington.  It’s where our son was born.  And still, I was able to drive by our condo and feel very little.  Don’t get me wrong; I loved our time there.  I loved my job and my friends and our house.  And I miss the people I was close with every day.

But it was kind of like visiting an ex-boyfriend.  You’re glad to visit and catch up, but, ultimately, you know you made the right choice to move on.  I was worried about Justin, though.  He hadn’t wanted to leave Boston.  At all.  We talked about it some while we were up there, but Justin really hit it we were driving through downtown Lexington on our way home.  His father once told him, “Your soul knows where it needs to be.”  And, as Justin told me that night, our souls need to be here.



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