My Pirate…


This morning, Justin was up and out early to go skiing with my mom, leaving Robbie in my capable hands.  Around 8:00, Robbie got out of bed to use the bathroom.  I should have known it was too quiet, but I was so enjoying the few minutes of peace before it would be time to get ready for church.  And then, all too suddenly, it was over.

I rolled over as Robbie came back in the bedroom and sucked my breath in as I took in the sight before me.  Robbie’s face was covered in black marker.  Circles and circles around his face.  I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry – I tried to contain my desire to do both and wound up shaking so hard that the camera couldn’t get a clear picture.  I pulled him into the bathroom to try to figure out exactly what to do (this particular marker came from Chinese school, and we’ve had an experience like this before; the marker loves skin).  As I evaluated, I asked Robbie what he had been thinking as he decorated his face, assuming there had been no real plan.

“I’m a pirate, Mom.  See, here’s my ‘stache and my beard.  I look kinda like a pirate.”

“Ah, yes.  I see.  And what about the marker on your forehead.”

“Oh.  That’s my face mask.”

“Very thorough, Robbie.  And don’t you think you look a little ridiculous?”

“Oh, no.  I look like a pirate.  I look great!”

And so, all day, we went around with faded, smeared marker on Robbie’s face.  At one point, I said, “You look kind of like Captain Robert.”

As he skipped along the sidewalk beside me, Robbie proclaimed, “No, I’m not kinda like Captain Robert.  I AM Captain Robert.”


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