My Valentine


I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  It is such a forced holiday, a veritable trap for my husband.  I went through the motions, getting Robbie ready for his pre-school party.  We made sugar cookies and Valentines.  After work, I stopped to pick through the leftover Valentine’s Day cards, hoping to find the perfect card for both Justin and Robbie.  It occurred to me in the aisles of Rite Aid that Valentine’s Day was different for me now; it was something special for Robbie, and I needed to take advantage of that.  So, while I was there, I bought a box of chocolates and a stuffed “love bug” for Robbie.

It’s silly, really.  But, somehow, Justin and Robbie have both become my love bug.  I’ll call out, “Hey, love bug!” and both of them will answer.  Every now and then, Robbie will get into an argument with Justin about which one of them actually is my real love bug.  So, this seemed like the perfect gift for me to pick up.

I came home, excited to give Robbie his presents (and Justin, too, but I knew he wouldn’t be as excited as Robbie).  I walked through the door, and Robbie came flying into the kitchen from the living room.  I gave him his presents  and then got the best Valentine surprise I may have ever had in my life.  Robbie spent two OT sessions working on my present – a little love bug from my own love bug.

And, with that, I suddenly had a new outlook on Valentine’s Day, all because of a sweet little boy who loves me more than I probably deserve.


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