Vacation Mom


So, on a daily basis, I’m an OK mom.  Not great.  Not terrible.  Average.  There are a million things on my mind and I don’t always give him the attention that I should.  I don’t take time for the fun stuff.  I get cranky at bedtime.  But on vacation?  Totally different mom.

Every day can be an adventure.  The morning can be full of dangerous animals, which time to pet tortoises.

And sit on alligators.

We can splash around on the beach all afternoon.

And take cheesy pictures.

There’s even a little room at the end of the day to be a pirate.

There is no house to clean and the laundry is only done to get the sand out of the towels.  It’s OK to be lazy in the mornings and go to bed early.  You can laugh all you want and stay up late listing the adventures you want tomorrow to bring.


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