Bath Time Magic


Robbie got his Valentine’s Day present a day early – mostly because I came home to flowers from my two favorite guys and couldn’t hold out on them until tomorrow.  And he was so excited to see that they were tub toys.  In fact, he totally skipped dinner to play in the tub.  For over an hour.

Initially, Robbie wasn’t sure what to think about the tub paints.  That didn’t last long.  Within minutes, most of the walls were covered with the soapy paint goodness.  A few minutes later, and he had a city built on the walls.

He played in the tub like this for over an hour.  By the time he finished, the water was ice cold.  But, he’d built an entire city and spent time telling us everything that Mommy, Daddy, and QiQi were doing.  He included Daddy’s car (and QiQi’s car seat), Nemo, and a spaceship that goes to the moon.  He pointed out triangles, boxes, and a rhombus (which was actually a trapezoid, but, hey, I teach English, not math).

Justin and I peeked in a few minutes later to discover that Robbie was cleaning up.  Every piece of the village was put in the mesh bag, and he was attaching the painted tile with a washcloth.  I said, “Thanks for cleaning the tub, Rob!”  Without even looking up, he muttered, “Welcome, Mom.  That’s better.  All clean.”  And it was.


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