My head has been spinning for two weeks.  Justin and I made a tentative decision to move home to Kentucky earlier this year.  Then, when his mom passed away, we decided that we really needed to be closer to home.  It all seemed so distant then.  But now, well, it’s now.

All of a sudden, there are some things that we will never do again.  We will never have a Christmas tree in this house again.  I will never get a chance to host a Thanksgiving dinner (I had surgery a week before my first opportunity and had to order the meal from the grocery).  Robbie will probably not have another birthday party here.  But these are all fairly distant.  It really hit me two weeks ago, as we prepared to go to Kentucky.  I looked at Robbie, Justin, and Barkley playing on the bed and, suddenly, it was all I could do to hold back the tears.  They would never do that again in Boston.  And I will never run with him in the mornings here again.

Slowly, over the past week, our animals have gone to live in different places.  Barkley and Grover stayed in Kentucky with my mom, waiting for us to move.  Elmo was shipped to a student’s house, waiting for us to sell the house.  Oscar and Cookie Monster remain, both panicked that they are next.

Justin and I went house shopping while we were in Kentucky.  Of course, we fell in love with the third house we visited.  Now we just have to sell our house, which goes on the market Thursday.  And, with that, we are off on the adventure of a life time.


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