Hold on Tight


Robbie learned an important life lesson this afternoon.  When Mom tells you to hold on to your balloon, you better hold on to your balloon.

Justin and I had finally managed to get Robbie out to door to go to the mall (you know, to get the three keys that had mysteriously disappeared from our keyboard replaced).  Before we knew it, Robbie dashed back inside to grab his Chuck E. balloon.  Justin grabbed it at the top to make sure it didn’t fly away, which upset Robbie greatly.  Unfortunately, they both let go of the balloon at the same time.  And they were outside.

Robbie cried a little as he watched the inflated rat head float away, getting stuck for a moment in the tree in our front yard.  He kept trying to jump to get it, and then turned to me, begging me to please jump.  He was just so sure that I would be able to reach it if only I tried.  And then, thirty seconds later, the balloon was gone.  Completely out of sight.  I’m pretty sure he thought we were getting into the car to chase the balloon but was moderately soothed when we promised to get a new one if he was good at the mall.

True to our word, on the way out of the mall, Justin and I stopped at the balloon kiosk (yes, there is such a thing) and purchased a Buzz Lightyear balloon.  A Robbie-sized Buzz Lightyear balloon.  Complete with short “leash” for him to walk along side the stroller.  The entire way to the car, Robbie talked to Buzz, even encouraging him to hurry up.

Before heading home, we stopped at the store across the street to pick up some necessities, namely tortilla chips and orange juice.  Robbie talked to Buzz about items on the shelf, reorganized the tomato sauce, and grabbed a galloon of orange juice for us to take home.  And then he and Buzz went for a little run, up and down and up the aisles of the store, Robbie yelling, “Come on, Buzz!  Let’s go!” the whole time, making sure to hold on tight to his new friend.


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