Happy Birthday Party Hat


So, we are going through a phase.  And it involves Happy Birthday Party Hats.  They have been everywhere with us over the past four days.  One of them managed to survive the bath tub and a fair amount of the night in his crib.

They also make for good thinking caps when it comes to coloring.  Or trying to look like David the Gnome.

Everywhere we went on Sunday, Robbie was wearing a bright green party hat.  With the exception of church; I somehow convinced him to leave it in the car, although he was sure that Baby Jesus would be OK with it.  And, everywhere we went, people asked me if it was Robbie’s birthday.

He adjusted well to the extra six inches on top of his head, ducking down to make it through the short doors at the mall play area.  He politely set it aside when getting his hair cut.  He did not, however, politely get his hair cut.  That involved a lot of kicking and screaming.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get pictures of the best Happy Birthday Party Hat placement.  After getting his hair cut, I asked Robbie if he wanted to go play with kids or see a movie.  He looked at me, a glint in his eyes, and held up one hand.  He said, “Ummm…,” and looked away to think for a minute.  All of a sudden, he swung his head back around, a smile growing across his faces.  “Movie, Mom!  I wanna see The Beast!”

And The Beast it was.  Happy Birthday Party Hat and all.  There he stood, the second-to-last row in the theatre, Happy Birthday Party Hat on his head, 3-D glasses on his face, and popcorn in his hand.  And you know what he had to say?  “Happy, Mom. QiQi happy.”


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