Damn It!


So, Justin and I need to start watching our language.  Immediately.  Like yesterday.

Robbie and I went to the movies Thursday to see Chipwrecked.  I know, not an award-winner, but it was a good Robbie-friendly option.  Unfortunately, Robbie was more in a PG-13 mood.

I stopped at the concession stand to buy popcorn and drinks before going into the movie.  Robbie, sensing that we were late, said, “Damn it!  Popcorn, Mom.  Damn it!”  I could see the kids behind the counter exchange smiles as my child continued his string of expletives.  Meanwhile, I did my best to hide my own while trying to correct Robbie’s language.

We’ve been working on alternatives.  “Oops!”  “Dang it!”  And, much to Justin’s horror, “My B!”  But, even still, “damn it!” keeps slipping out of his mouth.  But, at least he’s using it appropriately.  And not dropping the f bomb.  But stay tuned, that’s entirely likely in the next week.


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