A Magical Day


Justin thought he and Robbie were ready to leave for daycare yesterday when Robbie turned around and ran back into his room.  He stuck his hands through the slats of his crib, rooted around, and found them.  Mickey and Pluto.  Because of course they would need to go to daycare with him.  They are best friends, after all.

Then, downstairs, Justin had to wait a moment while Robbie juggled  his buddies in order to grab his Mickey balloon.  Justin put a Go Cats hat on Robbie’s head and they were off.

Until they got to the front door.  Robbie started jumping up and down, screaming, “Mickey ears!  Need Mickey ears!  Please, Daddy!”  What could Justin do?  He took the Go Cats hat off and replaced it with Robbie’s Mickey ears.  Robbie was regained his composure immediately and said, “Oh, thanks, Dad!  QiQi go ‘agic ‘ingdom!  Let’s go!”

I can only imagine how disappointed Robbie was when he rolled into daycare.  Fortunately, his enthusiasm was quickly revived when I picked him up and put his Mickey ears on for the ride home.  It’s nice to have a little magic on a Monday.


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