I haven’t seen much of Robbie pretending.  Sure, he dances around and makes animal noises when prompted and asks to sing songs.  But I’ve never actually seen him make believe.  Until tonight.

Robbie was in the bathtub, playing with his toys, when he brought a bowl up to the side of the tub, covered with a blue Elmo washcloth.  I wasn’t quite sure where this was going – really, I was just praying that he wouldn’t send the bowl of water over the edge again.  Then, wide-eyed, he informed me that he had a cake.

I’m sure I looked at Robbie funny because he told me, very seriously, “Bir-day cake, Mama.”  And then proceeded to pretend to blow out the candles.  For five minutes.  He told me I could have a piece of his cake.  Because, don’t you know?  It was QiQi’s birthday.

And before I could get Robbie out of the tub, he started drinking the water from his birthday cake.  When I told him it was yucky to drink bath water, he looked at me somberly and informed me that it was not bath water.  It was cake water.  Of course.



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