Robbie has recently discovered his pockets.  They are great for keeping his hands warm, as he discovered while walking down the street after dinner last Thursday.  It almost took my breathe away, the sight of my little boy, walking down the street on his own, hands shoved deep in his pockets.  He looked like such a little man.

It’s not just hands in his pockets.  Robbie has discovered that pockets are good for holding things.  Like, well, money.  The other night, I found a quarter tucked deep into the pocket of his jeans.  On the other side?  A $20 bill folded into a very small square.  In good news, the money actually was his from a Halloween card.  In further good news, I stand to make a lot of money off Robbie when I do laundry.  After all, the one who does the laundry gets the cash.


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