Beat It, Kid!


All hell broke loose when I walked through the door tonight.  It wasn’t really a surprise, though, since I’d gotten an email from our downstairs neighbor that there were spots on their ceiling.  And, don’t worry, you have my permission to laugh.  If it were you, I would totally laugh.

I immediately checked under the sink and was relieved to find that there was nothing leaking from that end.  Then I got the screwdriver, easily since it was actually put away in the right place, and unhooked the dishwasher.  I slid it out from under the counter and saw the sticky goodness in the back corner of the cubby.  And then I looked under the dishwasher and saw the oozing from the out line.  At least, I figured, it wasn’t a pipe.  Hoses can be fixed and this one didn’t do any major damage.

I moved on to the next area of concern: my bathroom.  Mom, if you’re reading this, you were right.  I should have fixed the caulking.  Four months ago.  But, I didn’t.  When I finally went to do it, the tiles all popped up.  Don’t panic.  Everything dried out (and, yes, Mom, I had a contractor look at it!).  Tonight was the night to reattach all the tiles, since everything had dried out.  It took some doing, but I managed to get everything back in place.  Of course, this took time.

Apparently, Robbie got hungry while I was fixing everything that was broken in the house.  I left the bathroom, moderately concerned by the quiet in the rest of the house, and ventured into the kitchen.  Their, I found Robbie standing on a make-shift stool, egg in hand, ready to crack it on the side of the bowl.  He turned, smiling ear to ear, and said, “Food, Mama!  Egg, food.”

And he evidently likes them scrambled.  All over my floor.  With his shoes.  The sheer glee on his face made it difficult to be frustrated with him.  Even as he slipped and slid across the floor, one rogue egg still in hand.  I managed to grab him just before he ran out of the kitchen and tracked egg onto the rest of my floors.  Unfortunately, Barkley was not able to escape Robbie’s cooking lesson.  His head is covered in egg.  But, that’s not on my list of things to thoroughly deal with tonight.  There were three eggs on the floor that had to be cleaned up.  And, in the event that you’ve never had to clean up raw egg, let me assure you that it is not easy.  Paper towels do not absorb the material.  Instead, it slips and slide off the towel and back onto the floor.

But, somehow, when I look at Robbie’s face and see that he really thought he was doing something good, I don’t mind cleaning up the eggs so much.  Not that I like it, but…  I guess it’s all part of having a little boy who thinks he’s a big helper.  And I’ll keep my helper!


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