Daddy Daycare


When Justin picked Robbie up from daycare yesterday, Zhining told him that she would only be open until 10:30 today because she had an appointment and the Chinese grandparents across the street couldn’t watch the kids.  Which created a problem.  I missed work last week because she didn’t have electricity and had a lot that needed to get taken care of today.  And Justin had a full week of work to catch up on.  Oh, and he had a test tonight.  His last one, actually.

You know what that meant, right?  It meant that he got absolutely nothing done.  He just called to fill me in on his day.  It involved a lot of coloring.  Lunch out.  The park.  And that’s about where the fun ended.

Robbie refused to take a nap, insisting on cuddling with Justin in bed while watching cartoons.  And, as he has recently discovered the joy of being naked, he refused to wear any clothes.  Apparently, this was successful for about an hours and Justin did manage to get some work done.  Then, nothing was good enough for young Robert.

He didn’t want Elmo.  Or Sam.  Or ‘Ickey.  He just wanted Justin’s attention and was willing to do anything he could to get it.  Including climbing all over Justin, throwing papers on the floor, and just generally being a pain in the neck.

Pretty much sounds right, doesn’t it?  Except Robbie is never this way for Justin.  Only me.  But, not today.  Not today.


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