Dangerous Books


Thank goodness I stopped in to check on Robbie before he went to sleep Thursday night.  I found a Gymboree bag full of books and a stuffed Cookie Monster that he had curled himself around.  When I went to pull it out of the crib (I may be relaxed about a lot of stuff, but plastic bags in the crib is a line I’m not willing to cross), I discovered something that bothered me even more than a plastic bag in the crib.  Robbie had strung the bag around his neck.  I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t gone in to check on him before heading to bed myself.

In the morning, Robbie woke up and immediately asked for his, you guessed it, purse.  I wasn’t sure which problem to address first…  Plastic bags.  Rope around the neck.  Or the fact that my son wanted his purse.  I started with the fear factor, talking to Robbie about how dangerous it was to play with bags, especially before going to sleep.  I’m not entirely sure he completely understood what I was trying to say, but he did get that it was dangerous.  He wouldn’t touch any of the books in the bag for two days, telling me, “Dangerous, Mama,” whenever I tried to get a book out.  He did, however, readily accept the Cookie Monster he desperately wanted.


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