Robbie knows that my purse goes with us whenever we leave the house.  In fact, sometimes he will grab my purse, sling it over his shoulder, and proclaim that he is “ready.”  However, he has recently discovered that purses not only indicate that it’s time to leave but that they carry valuable items.  You know, the important stuff.  Trains.  Smurfs.  Snacks.  Diapers.

And now Robbie puts his own belongings in there.  This morning, Robbie thought he might want his juice for later and handed it to me on our way out the door, saying, “Purse, Mama.  Please.”  I didn’t realize, though, that Robbie had already put some valuables in there.  No, not until I was at school and started digging around the bottom of my purse for a pen.  That’s when my fingers wrapped around something soft and slimy.

Almost afraid of what I was going to find, I slowly wrapped my hand around the item and pulled it out of my purse.  And there it was.  An old, peeled banana.  Sure, it was probably only four hours old.  But those suckers age fast.  Disgusted, I threw it away and continued looking for the elusive pen.  Unfortunately, Robbie appeared to have not been in the mood for bananas, as I quickly uncovered the other slimy half.  And a half eaten apple.  Bon appetit!


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