Friday Night Date


With Justin being gone so much over the past few weeks, Robbie and I have been at odds.  I wasn’t sure how our Friday night would go after the long days together.  Fortunately, I had something good for us to do.  After all, it was Town Day night, which promised pony rides, train rides, hot dogs, and fireworks.

Robbie and I headed down to the field shortly after getting home from work on Friday afternoon.  We took just enough time to let Barkley out, change clothes, and grab a stroller.  Then we were off for our night of fun.  Robbie waited patiently in line to ride a horse, something he’d been talking about all day.  When his turn came, it was with the biggest horse they had.  The thing was taller than I was!  He didn’t hesitate, and nearly leapt out of my arms to get on the horse’s back.  After his ride around the circle, he tried to stay on a little longer, much to the irritation of the girl walking the horse.

Afterwards, it was off to the fire truck where Robbie got to meet a real fireman and sit in a real fire truck.  He was in heaven, sitting up in that truck like a big guy.  He sat up so straight and looked so proud of himself for actually getting in the truck.  I think it nearly broke his heart to have to get down.

Eventually, Robbie wanted to run around like the big kids.  Normally, this is fine.  But, in Arlington, Town Day night is kicked off with a shaving cream fight for the middle school kids.  Guess whose kid headed straight for it?  Luckily, I got to him before he got trampled by crazed teenagers, and he was eventually content to watch from the outskirts.

The best part of the night for me, though, was the fireworks.  Robbie and I sat down on the grass together and, after a few minutes, he crept over to my lap to sit for a while.  He was so still, so intent on watching the “stars” and “flowers” in the sky that he didn’t mind me cuddling with him.  Eventually, like any boy, he got tired of sitting, so Robbie stood next to me, arm on my shoulder, head tilted to my head, watching the fireworks.  And, just like that, all of our tense moments in the past two weeks melted away.  I got a glimpse at the sweet boy I knew I had in there somewhere.

It didn’t last for long.  There was a meltdown at the ice cream store twenty minutes later.  But, I knew.  I knew that Robbie still was, deep down, a little boy who likes having fun with his mom.  And for right now, that’s good enough for me.



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