From the Crib


Remember the days when your child let you know he was awake by screaming? Or softly babbling in his crib for a few minutes while you listened from the comfort of your bed? The latter was definitely my favorite; I have no idea what he was saying, but he sounded so intent and earnest. And we still get that some times, but not in the past two days.

Yesterday, I was almost finished getting dressed when I heard Robbie start to stir. He didn’t even sit up before he started with the “Mama? Mama? (Long pause) Daddy?” And then, still lying down, we heard him whisper, “Hungry. Belly hungry. Mama? Belly.” He truly is my child – thinking about breakfast the minute he wakes up!

This morning, Robbie was still sprawled across his crib, face down and arms stretched above his head. Justin and I peaked in on him on our way downstairs, and he didn’t move a muscle. I finished getting ready and Justin hopped in the shower. On my way out, I yelled, “I love you!” Justin yelled back that he did, indeed, love me, too (there’s nothing like a little reinforcement in the mornings). All of a sudden, someone rolled over upstairs and a little voice called out, “Wuv you!”


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