Smelling the… Tulips?


Our front yard has been a work in progress for the past four years. I’ve heard rumors that it was impeccable for years before people stopped caring for it. Before they moved, our downstairs neighbors and I tried and tried to relandscape, making it at least appear to be presentable. It never really worked for more than a few months. Last year, I decided I’d had enough.

Left to my own devices, I dug up all the grass in the front yard and then dug up plants from other people’s yards. Now, I know I’m pushy, but I did actually get permission to take the spider wort, lily of the valley, day lilies, and hostas. It looked pretty pitiful most of the summer, especially as watering cycles got forgotten… In the fall, I planted 24 mums (with the help of a neighbor on the other side of the house, who planted 12 of them). Oh, and 250 bulbs.

I spent hours on the yard. And hours. And hours. Over the winter, I wasn’t sure the snow would melt in time for spring. But it did! The crocuses bloomed a few weeks ago. The hostas and day lilies have popped up. Daffodils and tulips are in full bloom. The spider wort is looking strong along the back – like it might just fill in all the extra space in the back. And today? Today I spotted a lily of the valley poking up through the ground. And the mums? Growing green and looking like they survived the winter.

So, it’ll still be work. There’s weeding and mulching to do. And maybe some pansies and impatiens to plant. But for right now, I’ll take the lead from Robbie, who spent hours in his Pack ‘n Play on the sidewalk, and stop to smell the tulips. After all, there are some places where roses just won’t grow…


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