Bedtime with Daddy


I am not a good bedtime Mom. Something about me makes Robbie want to run around like a mad man. He doesn’t like to sit on my lap and read a story or say prayers. He doesn’t want to sing songs or cuddle. No, my child wants to “watch TD Elmo” every night. I have started telling him that Elmo went to bed like a good boy, and he seems to be buying that for the time being. I cannot, however, get him to stop saying “TD”. Since he’s changed the way he meows, though, I’m going to relish his mispronunciations for a while.

Just to drift for a minute… Robbie learned how to really meow on our cruise. He’s been saying “ow!” when asked what a kitty says. However, two boys were pretending to be cats at the pool on vacation, crawling around the edge and then creeping back into the water (I guess they weren’t typical cats, since they liked the water). Anyway, Robbie joined in, and the three of them meowed for about five minutes while they circled the pool. He hasn’t “ow”ed since…

But back to bedtime. Justin is everything I am not at bedtime. Robbie sits in his lap. They read books (well, usually they just get through one) and sing songs. Of course, they’re usually made up, much to Rob’s delight. And then, although I’m aware that at this point you may think I’m lying, they cuddle. Robbie wraps his arms around Justin’s neck and they rock.

The sight of this melts my heart. Not having spent time with my father for the past 17 years, I know how important time with a father can be, and I love that my boys are making memories together. But, it would be a lie if it didn’t make me a little jealous. Sure, when he falls down or gets scared, Robbie wants his mom. But that doesn’t happen every night (at least not if I’m doing my job right). Bedtime does… Instead of focusing on my jealousy, I suppose my energy would be better spent being thrilled that the two most important people in my life love each other so much.


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