Potty Time


I’ve been waiting for this moment for the past year. Specifically, since I bought him a potty for $5 at a consignment sale when he was nine months old. It’s been sitting in our bathroom due to lack of storage, taunting Robbie with its singing handle and toilet paper roll. Robbie plays with it occasionally, putting toilet paper or a shoe in. You know, productive stuff.

Tonight, we hit a turning point. Robbie stood up in the bathtub, said “Poop”, and then tried to climb out of the tub. I asked if he had to poop and he said, “Pee pee”. We talked for a minute about going to the potty. I asked Robbie if he had to go to the potty. He looked at me and said, “Pee pee” again. And then he did it! All over the floor.

I screamed, “In the potty!”, making Robbie jump, and, in turn, stop going to the bathroom. He looked at the potty and back at me, smiled, and ran to the potty to sit down. He never did use the potty tonight, but he sat on it and told me what he should do on the potty. It’s the first time he’s ever seemed to really get what the potty is for.

I know it’s best not to be too optimistic. But, we leave for our cruise in nine days and Roberto can’t go in the pool if he’s still in diapers. I know I always work best with a deadline; maybe it’ll work for my kid.


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