On Your Mark…


Last April, Justin and our friends Micah and Allie ran a 10K in Cohasset. Robbie and I waited at the finish line. Listening to them talk about the race made me decide that I was done being the fat wife at the finish line. Even though I’d been told that I would never be able to run, I decided I was going to. Slowly but surely, I built up my endurance and even managed to run some 5Ks without stopping.

But this Sunday I took it to a new level… You know the aforementioned Cohasset 10K? Yeah, I ran it this weekend. Seriously. Micah and Allie picked me up Sunday morning and we headed down. I met up with my friend Anna from the gym and we were all set o run it together. And run it we did.

We might have been slow, but, by God, we were steady. We ran all but about 200 yards of the race. Including the monster hills. Sure, my time wasn’t exactly what I was aiming for (1:15 was the target; 1:22;45 was the actual) but I don’t care. I did it. And you know what? It felt great. I’m so ready to sign up for my next one!


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