Hat Head


We’ve gone through different stages with Robbie. You know, balloons, eating only oranges, balls. We’ve been on hats for a while but last night took it to an all new level.

Since we had parent night last night, Robbie stayed at day care until a little after 7:00. When I got there, Zhining asked me if we usually put Robbie in “double pajamas.” I must have looked confused, so she explained that there were two pairs of pajamas in Robbie’s backpack. So she put both pairs on him. About that time, Robbie popped up from the crib, smiled at me, and said, “Hot, mama. Hot.”

We got home after a few pictures of Robbie in his double pajamas, and Robbie went to sleep with his hat on his head, water in his cup, and Moo the giraffe tucked under his arm. And I didn’t think anything else about the hat. Until 5:45 this morning when I got up to go to the bathroom.

By the time I got back upstairs, Roberto was wide awake and calling for me. I walked into his room to change him, and there he was. Standing in his crib, grin on his face, hat on his head. And it didn’t come off until near bathtime tonight.


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