An Auspicious Day…


The day did not start off well. When trying to get the cars out of the garage, there was an incident with the Jeep. Justin was backing it out and, as he tried to avoid one of the gate panels, he ran into trouble with the other one. Somehow, the rear tire wound up behind the gate and the rest of the car was in the front. I’m still not sure how Justin got the car out with only some damage to the gate. OK. A lot of damage to the gate. But none to the car.

Things just got better from there… I took Robbie to daycare and then headed to the gym. As I got to the base, I realized that I didn’t have my shoes with me (you know, wearing snow boots and all). Luckily, there was an inexpensive pair at the Base Exchange. Unfortunately, I left my other purchases there and had to return after my uneventful work out. The work out only lasted for twenty minutes because I went to the kid-friendly area without a kid.

The next three hours were great. The best of my day. I uploaded pictures, talked to friends, got a massage. It was everything that a snow day should be. Then I called the insurance company to get some information on finally transferring the title of our Honda, something I didn’t realize was so important. Apparently, there might be some major fines… ‘Cause this is something I was supposed to take care of 14 months ago. Hmm… Guess I’ll go in tomorrow and hope to get someone patient. Keep your fingers crossed and send up a few prayers around 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.

Here’s hoping for school tomorrow!


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