Stay at Home Mom


I am not meant to be a stay at home mom. At all. I love my child, but I love him best when I don’t see him all day every day. Particularly when there is no where to go because of snow and ice. Much like today.

Robbie has figured out how to get into everything, and so he does. The morning started off nicely enough with a family breakfast. Robbie kindly took the dirty plates into the kitchen for me, I found them set on the counter. Seeing how well that went, I figured i could continue to send Robbie to the kitchen to put things up. He helped when I peeled my grapefruit, setting the peels on the counter near the plates. It all went wrong, though, when I sent a third plate into the kitchen with Rob. And heard the crash. Robbie is now limited to plastic ware.

Later this afternoon, Robbie went on a tear around the house. He found a role of partially used wrapping paper, which he unwrapped down the length of the hall. He had a big time coloring the paper with some different pens he found around the house. And then he found the cat food dish… Which he brought into the living room, proudly showing how helpful he is. The dish is an automatic feeder, so Robbie helpfully put the food from the tray into the top. And then he fed some of it to Barkley. And some of it to himself. Some days, it’s just easier to let them eat cat food.

Don’t even get me started on trying to keep a house picked up with three people living in it, stuck inside all day. By the time Robbie went to bed, there were toys strewn about the living room, dishes on the coffee table, pieces of apple on the stairs and floor, cds and dvds in various spots, food all over the dining room table, more dishes on the kitchen counter, and a roll of wrapping paper down my hallway. But, there’s always tomorrow to get it done. After all, it’s just another snow day.


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