Cars, Cars, Cars


Our car luck has not gotten better. I found out last Thursday that the title to our Honda should have been transferred over 14 months ago. Expensive mistake. And tonight the drama continued.

It’s all Robbie’s fault, really. If he had just gone to sleep when he was supposed to, none of this would have happened. But he didn’t. He screamed for well over an hour. We were at Micah and Allie’s and only had a sippy cup. I figured that it would just take a quick trip to CVS to get a bottle and some Tylenol to make everything better. That just made it worse. So much worse.

When I came back to Micah and Allie’s, someone else was parked in their driveway. I came around the block and tried to get around a parked car. I didn’t. I slid right into the driver’s side front panel. I got out of the car, and an elderly woman just started yelling at me. It wasn’t her car. She didn’t even know who it belonged to. But she yelled. And then she called the cops. I know because she opened her door while on the phone. Nevermind that I was trying to leave a note for the owner of the car.

The cop who came out was extremely nice, making sure to let me know that the woman was “just an old battle ax” with nothing better to do. He didn’t do any paperwork, but he did find the owner. Fortunately, the owner of the car was very chill (may have been a little drunk) and apologized for parking on the street. Oh, did I mention that there’s a parking ban?

I mention this only to bring up the battle ax again. She came out and told the cop to tow the car. The cop asked her if she was the woman who had yelled at me. When she said yes, he let her know that she had no business yelling at me. I really appreciated the back-up.

Now it’s back to wrestling Robbie, who is still up and running around like a mad man. Maybe tomorrow I’ll let you know about a special interaction Barkley had with Robbie’s nose… But for now, I’ll go rescue Micah and Allie’s TV from Robbie’s sticky fingers.


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