Sledding, Take Two


Robbie got his second chance at a snow day yesterday. We thought about taking him to daycare but ultimately decided that the two plus hours it would take us to get there and back in the snow (and the possibility of a terrible car wreck) wasn’t worth it. Instead, we had a nice family day until Justin had to leave to go to class.

We slept late, which is always an auspicious beginning to a snow day. Robbie got up at 6:00 but was content with a bottle, some books, and some animals in his crib until around 8:00. I have no idea what he talks about in there, but I wish I knew. He sounds like he knows exactly what’s going on in the conversation. I’m getting to where I can understand some words in what he’s saying, but it’s usually just the last one or two. Maybe he’s speaking English with a heavy Chinese accent?

There was a lazy family breakfast and some work for Justin. Robbie and I played and got ready for a little fun in the snow. After forcing his body into my brother’s old snowsuit, I ventured to Target Wednesday night to purchase a new one. Silly me. They don’t have snow suits out in January. You know, snow season? They have bathing suits. After much searching, I found the LAST snowsuit. Fortunately, it was a size 2T. Robbie seemed to appreciate this outfit much more than the other one. He looked like he was ready to hit the slopes!

We were a little nicer to Robbie this time around; we actually waited for the snow to stop. He made it the entire way around the block in his sled and only fell out once. That was my fault… We decided it would be easier to walk in the street, but there was a pretty big snow build-up in the driveway. I was just so sure we could easily get the sled over it. And we did. It was just the baby we had a hard time with. Robbie seemed to deal with rolling into the street and getting a face-full of snow well… Well, as well as he could. There weren’t any tears, so I’m counting it as a victory.

When we got home, I let Robbie escape the sled. I’m not quite sure what I expected him to do, but I really didn’t expect him to take off running down the street. Which is exactly what he did. That kid’s got some speed, even in snow boots one size too big (you can’t be too picky when they’re a quarter at a rummage sale).

You know, not that I think about it, the key to a happy snow adventure is really mittens. That’s where we went wrong both times Robbie went out for the last storm. He likes picking up the snow, but it really throws him for a loop when it’s not blocked by good mittens and his hands get cold. Interesting.


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