For a long time, Robbie hated books. The last thing he wanted was to sit on my lap to read. We’d get through a few pages and then Robbie would start twisting and crying. However, once Robbie learned the word “book”, things changed. All of a sudden, they are his favorite toys. The other day, he asked for “more books”.

Every night, after he gets into his pajamas, Robbie runs to the cabinet where we keep his books. He picks out two or three and brings them to Justin or me. Tonight, he brought me three books and then went to play with his toys. I said, “Oh, you don’t want to read? I guess I’ll have to read these books all by myself.”

Robbie turned, looked at me like I was crazy, ran to me, crashing into my legs with a big hug and a huge grin. He nearly leapt into my arms and sat through all three books. And then it was time for bed. Robbie went happily into his crib (after feeding Ish, of course). He grabbed Moo, his giraffe, and laid down. Robbie rolled over, grabbed another book, and immediately got to reading.


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