Sharpie Time…


I’ve been known to make a mistake or two, and today was no exception. Justin got up early to take his shower this morning, and I had to go downstairs to get a few things ready for work. That meant Robbie had to be left alone upstairs for a few minutes. I took a page from The Extraordinary Mothers Handbook and turned on an episode of Sesame Street. I naively figured that it would keep him busy for a good ten minutes.

About seven minutes into the endeavor, something started falling from the third floor. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that Robbie was throwing Cold-Eze lozenges from the railing on the third floor onto the steps; they then bounced down to the second floor and landed near my feet. I could hear the giggles and movement of little feet and figured it was time for me to go up to investigate.

I found Robbie in the hallway with a hand full of lozenges. He offered them to me with a huge grin on his face, barely able to control his giggles. It wasn’t the Cold-Eze that grabbed my attention; it was my son’s blue hands. My eyes moved up his body and slowly took in his face. His bright blue face.

The entire right side of Robbie’s face was covered in teal marker. I’m not sure why the first move after uncapping a marker is always the face, but it is at the Manna house. I went into the bedroom, hoping to discover what marker Robbie had used. I won’t lie; I was relieved to see that the marker wasn’t on my bed seeping onto my new duvet cover. Robbie had kindly placed it back in the top drawer of my nightstand. It was a Sharpie.

Permanent marker. All over my child’s face and hands. I could just hear the lecture, tinged with a Chinese accent. I wondered if it would fade by the time my father-in-law arrives next week. And then I called to Justin to bring me a wet towel. And my camera. After all, what good is Sharpie all over the face if you can’t get it on camera?


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