Num! Num!


As he learns more words, Robbie is learning to express himself to get exactly what he wants. Usually, it’s food. Since he doesn’t know exact words for all the foods he likes, he’s had to find one word to encompass everything. “Num! Num!” seems to cut it.

If someone has food that Robbie wants, he walks up, says “Num! Num!”, and opens his mouth. At the table, he stares us down and says, “Num! Num!” louder and louder until he gets the bite that he wants. Tonight, it was asparagus and mushrooms. He wanted spinach once but promptly decided it wasn’t worth his efforts. He surprised me a little with the asparagus, though. At one point tonight, he had pieces of asparagus in both hands.

It’s interesting to watch Robbie try new foods. For a long time, he just wanted his fruit and milk. Occasionally, he’d eat a little bit of a sandwich or some ravioli. I know he’s not picky at daycare; he eats dumplings, noodles, soup, and tofu there. I’m sure there are other interesting Chinese foods that he eats as well. Maybe that’s why it took him a while to get started on “regular American” food…

All of a sudden, he wants to eat everything. English muffins. Eggs. Cheese. Grapes. Oranges. Apples. Oyster crackers. Ravioli. Peanut butter. Bread. Pasta. Carrots. Turkey. Chicken. Asparagus. Snow peas. Mini corn. Mushrooms. But, for the most part, he only wants the vegetables if they’re on my plate. For the time being, I’m OK with that. At least he wants them!


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