Robbie’s always been one for making noise. He loves to hear himself. We spent an hour listening to him orating (it really sounded like he was chanting, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt) in the car. He loves a microphone his buddy Pete gave him that distorts his voice. Despite all of this, we were a little concerned that he would have a language delay because of Chinese day care.

We shouldn’t have been so worried. All of a sudden, Robbie figured out words. For a long time, we were stuck with hi, light, ma, da, ball, and ‘ish. But something happened over the Christmas break. Now we have more, key (kitty), ow (meow, which he says whenever he sees a “key”), dog (or gou, depending on what language he feels like speaking), oof (woof), da-e (daddy), shoe, eye, nose (that’s my favorite word because he sounds so sincere every time he says it), bed, teeth, car, girl, and cheese. He’s made a few attempts at boy and duck, but I’m not sure he really “has” them yet. Rumor has it that he said please for my sister, but he hasn’t repeated it.

I did find the talking thing to be particularly convenient around 1:30 this morning. Robbie woke up at 12:45 for a diaper change and some milk. I wasn’t sure what I was going to find when I went back in there, but he made it pretty easy for me. Robbie simply sat up, held his bottle out to me, and said, “More.” And that was really what he wanted. I brought him up some more milk and he laid back in bed and slept until 7:00 in the morning. Now that is clear, concise communication!


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