Stinky Situation…


I got an email from my neighbor that there was some water in the basement, I tried to to panic. I figured it was from the gutters and melting snow and all of that. Plus, it wasn’t on my side of the basement. And then I went downstairs.

There was water everywhere. Granted, our side wasn’t as bad as the other side. But it was still pretty rough. We have traces of water, maybe half an inch in some places. The other side? They have two to three inches in most of their basement. Stuff in cardboard boxes is ruined. And we had no idea where the water was coming from.

I called Jen, the neighbor who initially called about the problem, and asked her to turn off her washing machine. One that was done, we could hear that there was water, and I located it. Under a shelf near the floor. I looked at Jen and said, “I need an adult. I need someone to tell me how to fix this.” But there wasn’t anyone. Justin wasn’t near his phone to answer it. The neighbors who would probably know what to do live in Indiana. The other neighbors weren’t home. And my mom lives a thousand miles away.

Then it hit me. Kevin. We needed to call Kevin. So I did. Kevin is a Godsend who has replaced our roof, fixed our siding, installed windows, and repaired a toilet. He knows everything. And if he doesn’t know how to do it, he knows someone who did. And, bless his heart, Kevin, who had just left our house an hour before after working on our gutters, turned around and came back. He is downstairs right now, after an emergency run to Home Depot, fixing the problem, at least until a plumber can get here tomorrow. He wanted to save us from paying for an emergency call.

Even better, Kevin thinks he might have been able to get the materials to keep us from needing a plumber at all (I’m optimistic but figure we’ll probably still need one). And then it occurred to me. I don’t know how to get all the crap up from the basement. I don’t even know where to start. But Kevin does. He’ll be back out tomorrow morning to get everything cleaned up and disinfected. He’s also going to meet with plumbers (if we need them) and make sure we get a good price.

Sometimes moms feel like they need to know everything. And we don’t. We just have to know the right people. If you’d like to know Kevin, let me know. He’ll get glowing referrals from me!


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