We Made It!


Justin has been gone since early Sunday morning, and, while I’ve actually enjoyed having some downtime to myself, I am so ready for him to come home tomorrow. I miss having someone to talk to in the mornings when I get ready for work and to recap the day before we fall asleep. With Justin being in California, there’s the three-hour time difference, too. So we don’t get to talk until 3:30, and even then it’s only for a few minutes. Robbie hasn’t actually gotten to talk to Justin on the phone for the past five days because he’s asleep by the time Justin’s finished with the trade show and we get to catch up with each other.

Justin called last night and left a message for Robbie. I wish I could have taped his face when he heard Justin’s voice on the phone. It was a full body smile, from his eyes right down to his toes. He was so tickled to hear Justin talking just to him on the phone that it made me melt a little. I’m not sure who misses Justin more because Robbie keeps running around saying, “Dada! Dada!” But, we made it through (hopefully!) the last trade show of the season. I think we’re both ready for some family time with Justin.

Robbie celebrated tonight by organizing his shoes before bedtime. It was a pretty detailed operation he had going on, but I’m not really sure what the madness to his method was. Or, for that matter, what the method to his madness was. But he was determined to move every single one of his shoes from under his rocking horse to, get this, the Diaper Champ. He piled them up on top and then around the base. And then started taking them back to the rocking horse. Not having time for the whole process again, I interrupted him with a hug and tickle session distracting him from the shoes. What in the world am I going to do when zerberts don’t do the trick?


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