Still Falling…


I’ve had over 48 hours to get used to this whole time change thing. But it isn’t working. I think the problem is that we do the time change over a weekend. You know why they do that right? It lulls us into a false sense of security. We sleep an hour later than normal. We think it’s a little cozy to curl up on the couch Sunday night when it gets dark later. It’s a good excuse to get to bed a little earlier. Maybe we’ll get up earlier in the mornings to enjoy the sunlight then. And then Monday hits. And Tuesday.

Yesterday was much rougher than I anticipated. There was the faculty meeting that went until 4:20. There was the pouring rain. There was the pitch black. And it was only 4:38. Pair that with not having glasses, and it was like driving in a fish bowl. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that it wasn’t 7:30, as I rushed to daycare. I was no later than I’d told Zhining I would be, but I felt like I was hours behind.

And then there was today. I got out of work on time. I picked up Robbie on time. We went to the gym. And, of course, it was pitch black when we left. “Taps” hadn’t even played yet. Of course, there were still two errands to run before Robbie and I could get home. It wasn’t terribly late, but I still had that horrible feeling of being late. I just really hope this doesn’t last all winter.

In Robbie news… I put him to bed easily, but he started screaming about ten minutes later. It sounded a little distant, so I went upstairs to investigate. His door was still shut, which seemed odd. Usually, when he gets upset, the first thing he does is open the door. It turns out that was exactly why he was screaming. The door was stuck shut, and he couldn’t open it to see what was going on out in the hall. As soon as the door was open? Happy baby! And off to sleep he went. Thank goodness for easy fixes!


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