Toy Stealer


I arrived at daycare to a very concerned Zhining. I could tell she had something to tell me, but it didn’t occur to me what it could possibly be. And then she showed me Robbie’s hand, which was covered in teeth marks. From Addie, the two-year-old girl at daycare. Apparently, young Robert decided that he wanted the toy Addie was playing with. It’s actually a battle we’ve been fighting at home, dealing with temper tantrums when Robbie doesn’t get the item he wants. Well, Addie figured out how to deal with Robbie when he wants something that isn’t his. Just bite him.

Being the good mother that I am, I couldn’t help but laugh, much to Zhining’s relief. I’m not sure how she thought that I would react. She had Addie apologize to both of us, and I had Robbie apologize (as well as he could with his limited vocabulary) for stealing Addie’s toy. Then they gave each other kisses, which nearly melted my heart.

Zhining and I spent a few minutes discussing the situation. She told me QiQi had “big song” when Addie bit him. Shockingly, he didn’t recover well… I guess he gave quite a performance. While we were talking, I looked over to see that Addie had picked up a car to play with at the table. And Robbie was in the midst of trying to pry it from her fingers. All of a sudden, I saw a gleam in Addie’s eye as she opened her mouth wide and leaned in to teach Robbie a lesson about stealing toys.

I’m not really a big fan of my kid getting bitten, but I’m even less of a fan of him stealing toys from other kids. I can’t really go around biting my kid every time he steals a toy or throws a tantrum. And hopefully I won’t have to. After all, he sees Addie at daycare every day.


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