Dinner and Dessert


My friend Julia is in town, so we went to one of our favorite haunts for dinner tonight. No, not Brigham’s (can I mention here how devastated we were to find it closed during one of Julia’s visits?). That’s right. Ixtapa. Really the only good Mexican place we’ve found up here (coming from Georgia where there was some pretty fabulous Mexican). Roberto was kind enough to escort us and proved to be quite the entertainment.

Zhining tells me that Robbie colors in daycare, but I have never seen this. Until tonight. He sat right down at the restaurant, grabbed the crayons, and got to work. I quickly got involved in conversation and forgot about Robbie’s coloring. I didn’t really forget about him; I more left him to his own devices since he was so quiet coloring. Novice mom move. I looked back at Robbie and saw that his mouth was covered in blue and red wax crumbs. Closer inspection of the crayons revealed that he had indeed bitten the ends off… I’m sure Zhining will be asking questions when he has red and blue poop tomorrow. And I can’t even throw Justin under the bus on this one (yes, I’ve done it before).

Dismayed at the loss of his crayons, Robbie began grabbing for tortilla chips. That wasn’t enough. He saw us dipping our chips into queso (I know, the model of healthy eating with queso and crayon on the menu) and wanted some. I wasn’t sure he would like it, but there’s no telling Robbie that. After all, this is the kid who drank my iced coffee in August. And, once again, I was wrong. He dipped his chip into the queso (where does he learn this stuff?), put it in his mouth, smiled, and gave me his famous, “Mmm!” What do I know?

After dinner, we went to the only Brigham’s left that’s open near us. They don’t serve the good food the one in the Center did, so it was really just good for ice cream. I wanted to get Robbie a little of his own and asked if I could just get a spoonful of ice cream in a cup. What I got was a $3.00 tiny scoop of ice cream… So much for a little customer service. Having worked in an ice cream store for over a year during college, I know that it’s really OK to give a little ice cream. Especially for a baby who isn’t going to eat more than a spoonful. But, I digress. I’m sure Robbie was thrilled with his own ice cream. He sat on his knees in the booth and practiced spooning ice cream and feeding himself. He was a little bit of a disaster, but the smile. Oh, that smile. Worth all the mess in the world.http://www.youtube.com/get_playerhttp://www.youtube.com/get_player


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