Robbie had a nightmare tonight. It was the kind he couldn’t wake himself up from; he was screaming in his sleep when Justin went in to get him. It was one of those pitiful screams, the kind where you just want to make it better as soon as you can.

Justin brought Robbie downstairs, and he immediately glommed on to me. I have to be honest; it melted my heart a little. Rob looked around, confused, for a few minutes. I’m not sure he realized that the dream was over, and he was checking out his surroundings.

It only took a few minutes for Robbie to cuddle into my arms, which means the dream must have been pretty terrible. He never cuddles with me. Ever. He fights his way out of hugs and holding. There are too many things for him to get into. So, for him to nestle in my arms was heaven. He cuddled up to me and fell into a deep sleep. It nearly broke my heart to have to put him back down in his crib because I don’t know when he’ll do it again. As much as I hate for him to experience a nightmare, I do love the cuddling that comes afterwards.


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