Quality Time


In the fall, Justin and I don’t get a lot of time together, so I relish whatever I can get. Today is the first night we’ve had together without travel plans, class, or company in nearly two weeks. We met up at Wilson Farm to shop for tonight’s dinner (and tomorrow’s lunch). Sure, Justin could have gone on his own. Or Robbie and I could have stopped by on our way from the base (I finally got new glasses – all for just $183.15!). But it wouldn’t have been something fun to do as a family. We get into so much of a routine that it’s nice to do something other than dinner, bath for Robbie, and story time.

We all ate dinner together and enjoyed playing with Robbie while he took a bath. Actually, my pants did not enjoy it. Rob soaked them. Twice. And thought it was hysterical. It was nice to just sit and talk and play. No work. No school. Just a boy and his bubbles.

We’re currently sitting on the couch, watching Survivor, as Justin rubs my feet. That’s right. I don’t think he’s rubbed them since I was nine months pregnant. Of course, I’m not so sure that I’ve asked. It’s not an exciting night. It’s probably not one that we’ll even remember in a week. But it feels so nice to just be. To sit quietly on the couch with Justin, not saying a word. With all the time I spend alone while Justin travels or is class, it’s nice to have another adult. Especially my husband.


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