It’s everywhere I turn. Last night, it was down the side of the tub and in Robbie’s shoe. I’m not sure how the poop got into the shoe (I was too busy catching up on my magazine-reading…); I didn’t even know he had pooped. But, man, do I wish I could have seen him finding the poop in the tub and deciding it didn’t need to be there anymore. I can only imagine the thought process, and I can see the mischievous smile spread across his face as he found it and decided what to do with it.

There was more poop when I went to bed… I smelled something funny when I walked into the bedroom and was devastated to see that Barkley had pooped in my new black dress shoes. Granted, they were a cheap pair from Target. But, still, No girl wants to see a pair of shoes go down like that. The trend continued at 4:00 this morning when I work up to go to the bathroom and found more presents from Barkley downstairs. Now, he normally doesn’t do that. I found him in the backyard with an expired jar of sour cream that had been thrown out last Saturday… Hopefully the worst of that has passed.

And then we got to bath time tonight… Robbie and I video chatted with my sister, Hilary, tonight. He blew kisses and batted his eyes and clapped his hands and had a fabulous time “playing” with Hilary. I went to wash him after we finished chatting, and my hand brushed up against something. Something hard. And brown. Yes. That’s right. Robbie pooped in the tub. Again.

I’ll count my blessings about this. It was solid (diarrhea in the tub is terrible). Robbie didn’t throw it over the edge. But I’m tired of all the work it takes to get everything cleaned after a poop incident. He’s too young to start potty training. But, would it hurt to stick him on the potty for a few minutes before bath time?


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