Kiss This


Robbie used to give kisses. Open-mouth, slobbery expressions of love. Then he learned to bite, so we ducked for cover every time he loomed over our heads with an evil grin on his face. Yesterday, however, was different. Robbie has learned to pucker up and kiss!

I noticed this when I was leaving daycare and heard Rob making a kissing sound and saw him actually blow a kiss to Zhining. He had finally figured it out! But seeing him blow a kiss was nothing compared to getting my first kiss on the cheek from my sweet baby boy. I’ve kissed him thousands of times, but he has never actually been able to return the gesture. But last night, he did.

We’d finished reading two stories and listening to his musical bear sing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” seventeen times, and I was carrying Robbie to his crib. I gave him kisses and a big hug and asked him to give me a kiss good night. And. He. Did. He knew what I was asking and then did it. And thought it was hilarious.

We stayed there, Robbie poised over his bed and balanced on the crib railing, for a few minutes. I pelted his face with kisses and he threw his head back and laughed. I asked for more kisses from him, but he shook his head and laughed. He gave me one every now and then, but I think he enjoyed toying with me.

Now, whenever I ask Robbie to say good bye to someone, he blows them a kiss. I have a feeling this is going to get him into trouble some day… But for now, I love that he wants to spread his happiness to everyone.


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