Bath Time Blunders


Roberto hates having water poured over his head in the bath. So much that he screams bloody murder when he sees the green cup make its way out of the bin. Justin and I have different ways of approaching this. Justin prefers to wash Robbie’s hair at the beginning of the bath to get the misery over with and let Robbie have fun. I take the opposite approach, letting Robbie play to his heart’s content and then ruining the moment by sudsing him up and dousing him with water.

I’ve been working to find new methods of making bath time more pleasurable, at least the washing part of it. I’ve started giving Robbie some suds and have begun teaching him to wash his face. Right now, he doesn’t do much more than pat his cheeks and laugh hysterically, but it’s a start. He still screams and tries to claw his way out of the tub when it comes time to rinse, though, so there’s work to be done.

What I don’t understand is that the green cup is not threatening unless it is in the hand of either Justin or myself. When Robbie holds it, it is a magical cup, bringing smiles and laughter to a particular little boy. So the new challenge is that I must figure out how to get Robbie to dump the water over his head and rinse the soap himself. I think we might be close to the solution…


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