No, not the abstract headaches of Robbie, Justin, Barkley, or any one of the four cats. The actual pounding headache that has been throbbing in just behind the front of my skull for the past two weeks. I’m giving into it tonight and going to bed. I just had a massage, and she miraculously made the headache disappear. I’m not sure how, but about thirty seconds into massaging my left foot, the pain just disappeared. So, I’ll take her advice and head straight to bed to keep the relaxation going as long as I can. And just think, by only reading a short paragraph, you can get to bed that much earlier, too.

Tomorrow promises to be rich with fodder for blogging. Lots of Halloween fun for the Manna family. I’m going to need this good night’s rest to keep up with Justin and Robbie tomorrow. Sleep well!


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