So It Begins…


Or ends. This is it. The last “real” hour of summer. School starts tomorrow, and I’m not sure I’m anywhere near ready. Sure, I’ve kind of been back at work for the past two weeks, but there’s really no turning back at this point. And I feel OK about it. The house is clean, which is a great way to start off the school year. Particularly if I didn’t have to actually clean it myself. Robbie’s lunch is packed. Mine is semi-packed. I know what I’m wearing tomorrow, even if it isn’t ironed yet. And I’ve taken the Tylenol PM I know I’ll need to actually get any sleep tonight.

The start of the school year for me also means the start of the semester for Justin. He’s back in class tomorrow night, and I’m actually looking forward to it. When Robbie goes to bed at 6:30 tomorrow night, I’ll have three blissful hours all to myself. In a house that doesn’t need to be cleaned. I love having Justin home, but the idea of peace and quiet with no one making a mess or needing dinner is amazing.

For some reason, I’ve been really emotional about the end of my first full summer with Robbie. Tonight it occurred to me why. It marks the end of relaxation. I know this seems obvious because school will be in full swing again. But, it’s also true for Justin. The fall is his busy travel season. He’ll be gone three of the five weekends in October. Throw in class Tuesday and Thursday nights. Oh, and the occasional Saturday class (I think there are four this semester). Add it all up, and I don’t know when I’ll really get to see Justin again. It’s just a sign of how fast life goes and how unlikely it is that time will slow down again until next June.

I feel even more confused because I love fall; it’s my favorite season. Football. Changing leaves. Pumpkins. Mums. My family’s annual visit to Plum Island. My birthday and our anniversary. What’s not to love? Except for the change in pace, it’s absolutely perfect. And Robbie will be able to enjoy it a little more this year. He already likes to crunch leaves beneath his bare feet (he’s a Kentucky boy at heart!). Maybe, just maybe, he can learn to like the sound of them crunching under his shoes when it gets a little colder.


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