Missing Robbie


Don’t panic! This isn’t an Amber Alert. Robbie’s isn’t actually missing!

I really have not seen Robbie much for the past thirty hours. We’ve had friends in from out of town all weekend, and Robbie has spent most of the time with one of his favorite babysitters. Justin and I have had dinner out two nights and a brunch today. We went to the Sox game today and didn’t have a child squirming in our laps. Nor did we have to worry about him in the crowded T, where he likes to go through other people’s bags… It was nice to sit in a restaurant and not have to feed anyone else. It was amazing to not change a diaper every few hours or deal with meltdowns. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself when I got through an entire conversation. In fact, I’ve grown accustomed to having Robbie as an excuse to get out of a dead end conversation.

But you know what? I missed him. I really did. I didn’t realize it until just a few minutes ago – I know, great mom, right? I went upstairs to check on him and could smell him from the hall. Never a good sign. But, it was a nice excuse to get him up to cuddle. He seemed amenable to coming downstairs and visiting and has spent the time playing Scattegories with us. He’s currently entertaining himself by throwing pens through Justin’s legs and trying to color Grover.

These are moments that I take for granted when I see him all day every day. There’s nothing quite like watching your kid play after you haven’t seen him all day. I know I go through that every day when I send him to daycare, but it’s different when you have to wake him up to play with you. And I promise. His diaper really was dirty. I was being a responsible parent by getting him up and changing him. There was no selfish motivation. None at all. Seriously.


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