We Have a Walker!


Robbie has been flirting with walking for at least a third of his life. At the beginning of June, Zhining assured me, “Qi Qi will walk. One month. Yes, I think one month.” In early July, Zhining amended, “I think two weeks. He will be ready in two weeks.” Well, it’s three months later… Usually she’s right on about these things, but not walking.

Until Friday. On Friday, Zhining was adamant that Robert would walk next week. And, even though today is not “next week”, Robbie did start walking. I was on the phone with my mother-in-law when it hit me that Robbie was walking. I know, I know. It shouldn’t have had to “hit” me. I should have been so astonished that I dropped the phone when he did it. But, I’m one of those moms who apparently doesn’t notice her child’s milestones fast enough. Robbie was a good three steps in when I realized that he was walking on his own.

He went back and forth across the room (well, from the chair to the bed, which is a good five feet) four times before it occurred to me to take a video of this moment for posterity. It isn’t the best video, but I do have proof of Robert walking around this afternoon. Even if it was to take the bribe of an iPod.

Robbie’s continuing to struggle a little with whether he wants to walk or not. When we got home from running some errands this afternoon (I finally got the perfect new linens!), Robbie held my finger to walk to the house. When we got there, he decided he wanted to turn around and go the other way. He tried to let go a few times, but it’s hard to be so confident when you’re facing a concrete sidewalk and no soft chair to run into if you fall. So, I can understand his hesitation to walk.

I’m hoping Robbie will do more of this tomorrow, particularly because we have a babysitter and I think it would be important for her to earn her pay by running after Roberto to make sure he’s exhausted by the time I get home. Now, I know I should be careful what I wish for. But I also think I’ve had a good run, so to speak. Robbie wasn’t a full-time crawler until well into his ninth month. And I’ve made it over thirteen months without a walker. So, even though I sometimes (often) long for the baby who stayed where I put him, I think it’s time to make the leap to walker. This week. This week Qi Qi will walk. Yes, I think this is the week.


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