When I went to pick up Robbie from daycare today, I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. However… When Zhining came to the door, she threw it open, looked at me, forcefully pointed to Robbie who was sitting on the floor, and proclaimed him, “LAZY! Still no walk.” And Robbie just grinned and crawled over to me.

Zhining seems to be finished with Robbie’s crawling stage and is ready for him to start walking and studying for his ACT. I’m not entirely sure that she believes he is walking some at home. Actually, I’m not sure Justin believes it because he hasn’t seen it yet either… But, back to daycare.

It turns out that Robbie is worse than just plain lazy. Yup. He bit Zhining. Hard. While she had parents visiting because they were considering bringing their child to the daycare. Fabulous. But, rest assured, Zhining has taught him other skills to offset the biting. For instance, he knows “Wipe your mouth” in Chinese and does it. He also knows, “Blow your nose.” Apparently he confused “Give me the Kleenex” for “Shove the entire Kleenex in your mouth”, but I can see how he might make that mistake. I also learned today that Zhining is teaching Robbie manners, something I have obviously neglected to do, seeing as how my child is a biter and a hair puller… Every time she gives him something, she says, “Say ‘thank you'” in Chinese. Robbie has begun to say the word, which is always a good sign. Is it terrible that I wasn’t even thinking about making him say “Thank you”?

This is why the world needs daycare, you know. It’s a method of combatting all the pertinent skills that I am neglecting to teach my child. Like please and thank you. Waiting in line. Sharing crayons. Gathering immunity to community germs. You know, the usual. And so, for the sake of the well being of the rest of the world, Robbie will continue going to daycare while I go back to work. You’re so very welcome.


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