Fast Like Super Hero


For months, Robbie has been asking me to run a race.  Every time I come home from a run, particularly if I’m wearing a race number, he begs to go for a run with me.  When we drive by a runner, Robbie says, “Look, Mom!  He’s a runner.  Going fast like a super hero – just like me!”  And Sunday he finally had his chance.

I wish I had been there for his racing debut at the PTSA 5K.  Robbie went with Nona, Pops, and Aunt Hilary for some racing fun while Justin and I finished getting some things for the house ready before our first family dinner in the new house.  Nona had the stroller in the back of the car – just in case.

When they got home, Robbie was fast asleep in the car, wearing his race bib – runner 789.  Apparently he ran the first two miles of the race, crouching down like a “real” runner and waiting for Nona or Aunt Hilary to tell him, “Ready!  Set!  Go!”  He showed me all his runner skills when he got home, running from place to place.  However, later, when Hilary asked him to run upstairs with her, Robbie replied, “Um, I can’t.  I ran a race today.  Really tired.”


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