On Our Own


So…  It finally happened!  The stars and planets aligned.  Two weeks ago, we finally closed on our condo in Boston.  It was a brutal situation that tried Justin and myself in ways we could never have imagined.  For ten weeks, we lived in a near constant state of flux, never knowing where we stood in the closing process.  Five closing dates came and went.  And then, finally, 04 October, it happened.  We closed.  Not owning that condo was one of the best feelings of our lives.

And then the drama continued with the closing here.  Too much to really go into, but enough to make us terrified that we were going to lose our house.  The one we put an offer in on the first day we lived in Kentucky.  The one I’ve been driving by and salivating over for two months.  The one we, miraculously, closed on a week ago.

Here we are.  A week later, all settled.  Well, settled-ish.  We are still waiting on living room and patio furniture.  And our dining room furniture is being redone.  It was odd the first few days, feeling like we were living in someone else’s house.  And I still get excited when I pull in the driveway.  It’s hard to believe this is actually ours.

Coming from a 3-bedroom, 1-bath, 1467 square foot condo, this feels like a palace.  Our closet is half the size of Robbie’s old bedroom.  Our old kitchen had one drawer, half a counter, and five cabinets.  Our new one?  Seven drawers, triple the counter space, and eight cabinets plus a pantry.  We have empty closets galore – and all I want is to keep them empty.  Silly, isn’t it?  But I love knowing that I can.

So was it worth all the drama?  All the heartache?  All the stress?  Absolutely.


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