Robbie the Fish


Today I took Robbie to the same pool we’ve been visiting every summer for the past two years.  When he was one, it was where he took his first few steps.  Last year, it was where he splashed around and went down the little kid slide.  This year, it seems to be where he has learned how to do the little kid swim.

You know what I’m talking about, right?  Putting your hands on the floor of the baby pool, sticking your legs out behind you, and kicking with all your might.  He figured that one out today, delighted by his ability to motor around the baby pool.  This eventually evolved into throwing himself around in circles, making the biggest splashes he could manage.  He spent some time jumping in the pool, laughing every time he surfaced.

I love watching this, the evolution of Robbie.  Seeing him discover new things, new ways to approach problems.  It’s amazing to watch him enjoy the same things I did when I was his age.  If only time would slow down a little to let me relish it even more…


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