My Birthday Boy


How in the world was it three years ago?  It seems like only yesterday that Robbie was a not-so-tiny baby, IV attached to his arm.  How we were afraid the nurses would yell at us for dressing our child in our clothes the night he was born.  I remember loving him immediately but needing a few weeks to actually like him, something you can’t truly understand unless you have children.

And now, here we are.  I have a wonderful little boy.  One who loves to laugh and grab every adventure life has to offer.  One who lives to drive me crazy – throwing my Nook out of the third floor window, smearing my Macbook with a thick hand cream resulting in $800 worth of damage, snapping Justin’s glasses (and mine) in half.  One who gives the fiercest hugs and the most kisses.  One who I can’t imagine my life without.

Robbie has been looking forward to his birthday for months.  Yesterday, he ordered his birthday cake (“I want a green cake!  No, Spiderman!”).  Today, he ran around while we cut watermelon and tied balloons to the deck.  He tried to break into the laundry room where  Aunt Halaree was wrapping his presents.

We had a birthday party in the back yard – complete with a slip ‘n slide, Robbie’s first time on one.  He finally figured out how to go down on his belly.  He blew out his candles – a few times before we actually got to sing “Happy Birthday.”  He tore through his presents, more delighted by each one.  And then we went to a movie with Pops.  Finally, it was off to PetSmart to get Robbie his present from us: a fish tank.  I’m not sure what I expected from him but he was sure excited to get them.

As I tucked Robbie in tonight, I was taken aback by how grown up he was.  He told me he was really tired and needed to get some sleep for some adventures tomorrow.  And I can’t wait to see what they will be.  Or what “three” holds in store for Robbie.



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